Who, Why, What and How ?

Who ?

I come from a middle class family at a remote town called Silchar in Assam, India. If you haven’t already figured out from the title of the blog, I am a Bengali.

I am a student. I work on robotics and haptics, and I love Pink Floyd. I currently live in Atlanta, GA in the US. Here’s a link to my website.


I have traveled a little. Around two years back, when I was talking to my father about a place which I visited , he suddenly asked me if I am writing down these experiences while its fresh. I tend to procrastinate a lot. I did it again. I thought I had loads of pictures. I thought that maybe, I would write later.

Now, I wish pictures could capture detailed emotions too. Well, when I look at those pictures I can definitely tell I was happy. I still get excited. But, something is missing. Its not the same. I wish I had captured those emotions while it was fresh. I feel like this is true for almost everything. I wish I had captured the emotion when I painted a landscape for the first time, when I cooked a dish and it came out good, when my research got published for the first time, when I camped out in a forest, when my algorithm ran successfully after sleepless nights, when I visited home after a long time. And, the list goes on.

This is why, I finally decided to write a blog. This is for me. I would love to read these experiences after 10 years and it will be like revisiting the emotions. This is for my parents who would like to go through the same emotions with me. This is for my family and friends with whom I would like to share my experiences. This is for my readers, who I hope, can identify with some of these.

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows has defined ‘the awareness of how little of the world you’ll experience’ using a word called `Onism‘.  I hope this blog can help me map the little experiences I have and recreate those emotions when I look back at these.

What ?

Khichuri is an Indian preparation made from rice and lentils. You could relate it to a vegetarian version of Hodge-Podge (soup). Similarly, this blog is also a mixture of random things without any conscious attempt to maintain consistency. ‘Khichuri’ is also a poem in the Abol Tabol collection by Sukumar Ray, that captures the essence of what I am trying to hint at. I also have an eclectic collection of resources that I am passionate about and that I visit from time to time and I have those listed in this blog as well. This is mostly for me, so that I have a consolidated place for these resources and I will keep on updating them. If any of you have any more suggestions to add to the list, please feel free to comment.

How ?

Most of the posts in this blog are not meant to be literary master-pieces (:P, not that I can write one even if I wanted to.. ). These are mere experiences of a common student. Please adjust your expectations accordingly. All of these are written based on facts which happened, I personally experienced and my perceptions of those. Also, being a student, I cannot promise that I will update this blog regularly and the frequency of posts may vary during different times of a year depending on other deadlines. However, I will try my best to update it as frequently as I can. And, I welcome comments and suggestions with an open heart 🙂


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